What is Pan Gregorian Enterprises?

Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc. (PGE) is a Food service Cooperative which was formed by people just like you, the independent operator. PGE began in New Jersey, but with success, the concept quickly expanded to Metro New York & Long Island, Upper New York and Connecticut.

PGE has just one goal in mind, to assist YOU, the independent diner / restaurant owner. HOW? By negotiating the lowest cost and ensuring the highest quality for the food served and supplies used by your establishment. In addition, by offering specialty negotiated pricing on the products and services needed to maintain your business on a daily basis.


PGE combines the purchasing power of hundreds of independent operators and negotiates on their behalf with national brands, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and local service providers for better pricing, services, and rebates.

We communicate with members on an ongoing basis through mailings, phone surveys, and membership meetings.

We look at every aspect of the food establishment to develop new and exciting opportunities for our members. We currently have many programs that have been specifically designed for PGE members.

The program works. Just ask one of our many members.

"It's money in your pocket - instead of theirs."

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